How to get google adsence approval?

Google AdSense approval is the one the important topic that is search on the google because every one wants to attached their website to google AdSense to make money.

And getting AdSense approval on website is a simple and a easy way but for this you have to full the google AdSense criteria.

But there is some short cut also to get approval from google AdSense..


these short cut are not the trick it is the method which increase the chance to get the adsence approval for your website.

Now the question is arise that what is Google adsense ?

Google adsense is the median through which a blogger earn money by showing add on their blogs and websites and it is directly proportional to the number of traffic so after getting adsense approval blogger should have to focus that how to increase the traffic on your website for that traffic should be legal otherwise adsense disapproved your website .

How to increase the traffic on your website ?

If you want to get genuine traffic for your website then SEO play a very important role so for more idea about SEO and how to do it click here.

Now first lets talk about the some google AdSense criteria which google check before giving you the AdSense approval and we talking about that criteria step by step.

 Step 1.  

First you have to buy a domain name like because google not give AdSense approval for sub domain website like

Step 2.

second and most important things that your website should be well design and having proper navigation pages like

  • Home page
  • Contact us
  • About us
  • Disclaimer

Without these pages you cant get AdSense approval for your website.

Step 3.

After completing these things write at least 12-15  blogs and each blogs should have to contain minimum 500 words or more not less than 500 words.

NOTE: don’t copy and paste the blogs if you want to copy then copied it but try to type that blogs with yourself don’t paste it using (ctrl+v) because they have some sort of software which detect that you are copy that blogs from some other website so donot do that if you want to get google AdSense approval for your website..

Step 4.

Now share your blogs or website links on every social media sites like  whats app, facebook, twitter  and many more more to increase your traffic because traffic matters alot in AdSense approval..

Note. Use only organic or genuine way of to increase your traffic don’t use paid traffic for your website because if google spiders found you that you are using paid traffic or play some trick to increase your traffic they may block your AdSense approval permanently for your website.. so be aware about it.

Step 5

Now after completing all these steps now your website is ready to applying for google AdSense approval..


some sort of trick which you can try for AdSense approval ..

  1. apply for AdSense between 15-18 of month because there is maximum chance to get AdSense approval if you completed all the 4 steps which are mentioned above .
  2. After applied for AdSense write atleast 3-4 blogs at waiting period when google analyzing your website for AdSense..

If you follow these step you will definitely get AdSense approval..

Now the most important things that there is very less chance that google AdSense give AdSense approval to your website at first submission so if they disapproved your website then don’t get dishearted because Google have reason for their every action if they disapproved your request they will give you some reason for that so resolve that issues and write atleast 5-6 more blogs and again apply for AdSense after 5-7 days ..


If you face any problem or want any help in adsense approval feel free to contact us..

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